I believe there is a better way.

We can end the gridlock at the State Capitol if we put people at the center of our politics and work together to get things done. As your state representative, I will work with you to tear down barriers and build a future where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.


In so many ways, Minnesota’s success starts in our schools. We need to recognize our top economic priority for the future is to invest in education and ensure all of our students have access to a world-class public education. My priorities:

  • Close the opportunity gap by making strong investments in pre-K education so that all students are better prepared to learn by kindergarten

  • Stop squeezing our schools and start making investments that allow our schools to offer our students a top-notch education

  • Reform standardized testing and offer more support for our teachers, who each day inspire students to learn, grow and succeed


Every Minnesotan needs health care they can count on when they need it. It is time to create a health care system driven by compassion and expert care, not profits and bottom-lines. My priorities:

  • Make health care more affordable by creating a public option for insurance for anyone who wants to buy-in

  • Fight back against “Big Pharma” to create more price transparency and reduce the cost of prescription drugs

  • Support the penny-a-pill tax on drug manufactures to fund our fight against the opioid crisis in Minnesota   


It’s time to act on gun violence prevention. I will stand up to the NRA and work with our young community leaders who are demanding urgent action to pass common-sense gun reforms. My priorities: 

  • Automatic background checks on all guns sales – no exceptions

  • Pass red flag laws that will help keep guns out of the hands of the dangerous mentally ill and domestic abusers 

  • Ban bump stocks, restrict magazine capacity and prohibit future sale of military-style assault weapons


Everyone deserves to live in a quality home that is safe and affordable, but that is not the reality for far too many families. We must expand and preserve affordable housing options for all Minnesotans. My priorities: 

  • Invest in housing bonds to help spark the creation of new housing throughout the state

  • Preserve and improve existing affordable housing through innovative approaches that make it easier for owners to rehab apartments without displacing tenants

  • Empower tenants with stronger anti-discrimination protections to promote greater housing stability


It’s unacceptable that Minnesota has some of the worst racial inequities in the country. We cannot reach our potential as a state unless we commit to fundamental change that puts economic and social justice at the heart of our policymaking. My priorities:

  • Work to close the wage gap by ending workplace discrimination and increasing the minimum wage  

  • Fight alongside our immigrant communities for policies that create a more inclusive Minnesota with economic opportunity for all  

  • Support and raise up the voices of community members and organizers who are building coalitions and fighting against unjust power systems


Climate change is a fundamental threat to Minnesota’s precious environment and natural resources. Where the Trump Administration has made things worse, Minnesota must lead, utilizing science in our decision-making and being proactive to protect our environment. My priorities:

  • Reduce carbon emissions and bolster the use of renewable energy by strengthening our renewable energy standard

  • Increase the use of electric vehicles and support the infrastructure needed to make this a more accessible and efficient option for Minnesotans

  • Protect our ground and drinking water, including significant investments to repair waste and drinking water infrastructure across our state


Over the last decade, billions of dollars of wealth has been created, but it's those at the very top who have benefited. Meanwhile far too many Minnesotans are working hard each day struggling to get by. That must change. My priorities:

  • Raise the statewide minimum wage to $15 an hour

  • Pass a statewide paid parental leave policy to provide parents with the opportunity to bond with their children without risk of their job

  • Always stand up for workers and their right to organize and collectively bargain


More than 500,000 Minnesotans live with a disability, yet too often they are left behind in our political process. We must include people with disabilities in the decisions that impact their lives and work together for change that will improve the quality of life for Minnesotans with disabilities.   

My priorities:

  • Address our workforce shortage of home and health care workers for Minnesotans with disabilities by increasing funding to increase pay for those that provide vital care for our loved ones   

  • Provide greater economic security to people with disabilities and their families through better access to good-paying jobs, transportation, and housing and preserve vital funding for disability services.

  • Fully fund special education and provide greater support to teacher and paraprofessionals that help improve the lives of children with disabilities 


Our ability to make progress on all of the issues above are challenged by a campaign finance system that concentrates wealth and power while drowning out the voices of regular Minnesotans. We need to rebuild trust in our democracy and make our government more accessible and engaging for Minnesotans to participate. My priorities:

  • Pass campaign finance reform that adds accountability and transparency to the huge sums of special interest spending dominating our campaigns

  • Take redistricting power, an obvious conflict of interest, out of the hands of legislators

  • Expand access to voting with reforms such as automatic voter registration for Minnesotans who turn 18-years old