I am running for the Minnesota House because at my core, I believe that our politics can be a positive force to improve lives.

I learned this as an intern on Senator Paul Wellstone’s campaign in 2002, and ever since, I have been committed to public service. 

That’s how I’ve met many of you, both in our community and at the Capitol. I serve on the Richfield City Council and am proud of the progress we’ve made to become a more welcoming, inclusive city. Previously, I served as Communications Director for the Minnesota House DFL Caucus, where I was honored to help Democrats pass the most progressive agenda in a generation – including a minimum wage increase, a historic investment in education and the freedom to marry. I want to work creatively with you, at the intersection of community and policymaking, to make meaningful, just change.

I am grateful to the community leaders and residents of Richfield and Bloomington who are supporting my campaign. I’m especially honored that have the DFL endorsement and the support of Rep. Linda Slocum and Sen. Melissa Halvorson Wiklund. 

My wife Sarah and I live in Richfield with our 3-year-old son Calvin. My parents (also known as babysitters-in-chief) live not too far away in Bloomington. District 50A is the home we love. It would be an honor to serve our community in the Minnesota House and work with you to build a better future.

If we take on the big challenges facing our state with bold leadership and collective action, I am so optimistic about what we can achieve together.  


Michael Howard