Meet Michael Howard

I grew up in greater Minnesota with my parents Jeff and Cheryl, and sister Laura. My mom was an elementary special education teacher and my dad was a physical therapist. Both of my parents instilled in me the goodness in people, the value of putting yourself in other people’s shoes, and always fighting injustice where you see it in the world.

As a sophomore at Augsburg College, I interned on Senator Paul Wellstone’s campaign, which proved to be a life-changing experience. I learned about politics the Wellstone way, where we organize based on shared values and fight boldly for progressive change together. Ever since, I have been committed to helping achieve positive change in the lives of others through public service.

One of my first jobs was with Clean Water Action, raising money to protect our environment. After I graduated, I worked as a personal care assistant for children with autism. My experience in politics and government took me to the State Capitol. There I built strong relationships with legislators across Minnesota and acquired a deep knowledge of how to successfully move complex legislation forward. Serving as Communication Director for the Minnesota House DFL Caucus, I saw first hand how the Minnesota House can be a powerful place, where bold and just solutions to crucial issues are possible. I want to help make it that kind of place again.

For the last four years I have had the honor of representing the City of Richfield as Councilmember At-Large. I am excited about progress we’ve made to become a more vibrant, inclusive city. In my first year on the Council I led efforts to pass our city’s paid parental leave policy. In addition, I am proud to have worked with fellow councilmembers and community leaders to prioritize affordable housing in our community and bring a racial equity lens to our decision making at City Hall. Richfield is thriving because we are working with our community - our entire community - to build a better future.

My wife Sarah and I chose Richfield when we purchased our first home. It’s where we live today with our 3-year-old son Calvin, and we are fortunate to have my parents (also known as babysitters-in-chief) just down the road in Bloomington. District 50A is our home, and we love it here. It’s where we will raise our family.  It would be a great honor to be of service to my community in the Minnesota House and to do my part to use our politics to improve the lives of people here, and across the state.